Summer is back let’s take a photo

This year has been quite difficult for each of us as this Covid-19 virus has inflicted a lot of worries and problems on each of us.
Statistics show that we had a hot spot just when people needed to socialize or celebrate.
Statistics show that most people were infected around December 10, 2020, as many as 4,620 positive people to this world-famous virus.


  • We need something we can be happy with, the body is asking for help.
    So simply, I suggest that you choose a hobby or hobby with which you will fill your body with a positive and healthy spirit.
    I am a photographer and I suggest that you throw yourself into your magic of photography and show off your talented abilities that each of us has.

I suggest you get 3 basic things

Fotoaparat odabirete sami, ja koristim DSLR fotoaparate i mogu vam se pohvaliti da ga ne bih mijenjao ni za jedan drugi fiksni ili nešto slično.
DSLR fotoaparati su jedna od profesionalnih kamera i zahtijevaju puno učenja i volje za ovaj stroj, ako ste ustrajni i volite fotografirati, ovo je pravo rješenje za vas.

DSLR Camera

Digital Camera

Each of us can set up a photographer so why not give it a try and you, just give it a try.

These are some of my three paintings that I have chosen for you as you showed me your work and drew you into the world of photography.

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