SOCIAL NETWORKSNowadays, we all live at an accelerated pace and


Nowadays, we all live at an accelerated pace and we hurry somewhere as if we are staring at something, we are afraid of being late.

Why is that and we always wonder if we are worth such a life, why not use it in our way, in the way we want.

We are aware that it is not that simple and that we still have to live and work at that pace, it is our jobs that we work on, our environment, and the society in which we live.

When we come to society, friendship, or community in which we live we can discuss it for a very long time and in all possible ways.

Society today is very demanding; at least that’s how I experience mine; if you want to have a good and quality society, you have to be ready for very big changes because society today is a kind of legion.

You are wondering why I think like that and what kind of company I have, I am sure that all of you who read this blog of mine has that thinking right now, I will explain it to you simply.

As a child we grow and play where we come to the first point that I call, growing up in fashion. As a parent, everyone can afford their child everything that he or she did not have when they were their age and that’s where the blah blah blah comes in. Simply put I want my child to have everything that others don’t have and that includes everything from clothes to the most expensive toys.

The child is in school, you just have to do very well that it will be easier in your life, and the main thing in all this is that the parent wants the child to attend with the best success, I want everyone to know that my child is the best, I must brag.

The child becomes a man and seriously thinks about his job and plans a family and something very important happens and that is that we poor parents meet again with their visions and try to convince the whole thing that is currently going on that it must be done exactly as ordered by parents because is the only right and right way.

And to return now to that interesting topic that I pointed out on SOCIAL NETWORKS, which is very well known to us and we all use it, it’s one very good thing, hehe I’m kidding.

It is a very complicated and corrupt thing that we simply cannot do without, the company calls us, I want to see something new, I have to be informed about everything that is happening, unfortunately, we come to a very big problem and that is to see how others live and what others work.

Are we eager for that life, do we want to live ideally as everyone portrays it on different networks, are we so stupid and naive that we can’t create our way of life. Unbelievable…

We started behaving like everyone else, raising children for others, changing ourselves to satisfy our society, we are just good-hearted bears.

In the end, I am also one of those who use social networks and I like to be in good company.
I’m not exactly the best father, but I try very hard to raise children who are quality and honest, I just want everything to turn outright.
A simple sentence of mine that kills all my drawn lines that I have.
I would like you to leave a comment, thank you …

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