How to Speed Up Your Laptop

You always wonder why your computer is slow when you are doing something hard or looking for something on the net, so I can suggest a few things on how to speed up your laptop in a quality and simple way without having to be a computer expert.


At the very beginning I would like to warn you about a very important thing and that is the operating system that is on your computer, they can be a very important game for you in this story because they have control over your computer hardware.

That is why I warmly recommend that you use original windows, because they can only repair or upgrade better programs and speed up your computer through an update.

If you are interested in buying a good operating system for your computer you can get it through this AMAZON link shown to you, I personally use this windows and I am very satisfied.

Not to dwell too long on one of the things that can help speed up the computer we move on to the next point that follows us and that is the second most important thing SSD Disk.

SSD je vrlo važna stvar jer nam je najnovija generacija diskova veća brzina pisanja i čitanja, a istovremeno naše računalo lakše i brže pronalazi određene stvari koje tražimo.

And under the third item I put one of my favorite things and that is RAM MEMORY, it is one very interesting thing because you can work with it as you wish, upgrading is simple and interesting.

RAM MEMORY can be any company would only ask you to pay attention to the quality and allowed volume, each laptop has its own allowed rewritten maximum upgrade.

These are some of the easiest and best solutions to speed up your pet’s computer, don’t forget that your computer needs good cooling, so I advise you to take a look at this blog as well. Greetings and thanks for the trust.

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